Thursday, October 9, 2008

Affiliate Marketing tutorials ( Part 3)

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Day 3: One of the best ways that you can maximize the performance of your affiliate strategy is by way of direct promotion via email. While the use of this strategy has blossomed over the last few years, a great deal of it has been through SPAM – unsolicited advertisements – which this course neither suggests, nor approves of. Instead, there are much more effective and acceptable method of advertising by way of email that will be of much greater use to you and your affiliate strategy. This is by way of opt-in emails, which usually consist of e-zines or newsletters. These are emails that recipients actually choose to receive, by signing up. This way, you’ll be able to create an information-based email, which you can send directly to the recipient’s email inbox, and which may also contain summaries, explanations, benefit lists, and uses for different products or services. Within these newsletters, you can create a great deal of interest in the different products and services offered by your affiliate program – subtly, as hard-selling is unappealing, and will frequently turn readers away from your e-publication – creating the desire within those readers to learn more, and perhaps even buy. Within each of your articles or summaries, include your affiliate link for the product that applies to that particular message. The benefit here is twofold. Not only do you have a perfect opportunity to promote the products and services being sold through your affiliate strategy – providing click-throughs, and then sales with your commissions – but your visitors will be reminded of your site with each publication of the newsletter or e-zine, allowing them to discover new products and services that they may never have noticed on their own. For more details, check out How to Become a Master Affiliate, and learn how to get the very most out of online affiliate programs!

Day 4: A common question among people with affiliate websites is how to attract more visitors to their websites. There is a simple answer to this question, which can be performed by even the most inexperienced Internet Marketers. This answer is pay-per-click marketing. Pay-per-click is a service offered by some search engines, where you can post the link to your website, and you only pay when someone uses that link to visit your site. You only pay when it works. Remember, a successful affiliate website has a 2% click through rate. That’s only 2 out of every 100 visitors. That means that you’re going to want a lot of visitors to check out your site, if you’re going to benefit from your affiliate links in any realistic sort of way.Here are some tips that you can use to get the most out of your pay-per-click: ·

Check out a place like and get to know how pay-per-click really works. With a good understanding of the way the programs function and record their clicks, you’ll have a better idea of how to use pay-per-click to your advantage.·

Use keywords that aren’t covered by too many other (if any) websites, and that will be common searches by people seeking the products and services sold through your affiliate links. Be sure to try many different variations of different keywords, to make sure that you have as much of a monopoly on them as possible.·

Bid on as many keywords as possible. Why? Because the more keywords you bid on, the more links will be built for your website. That is, bidding on 100 keywords is the same as building 100 links back to your website. There are, however, many other different techniques that will make the difference between making a little bit of extra cash, and making an actual income. It’s the difference between signing up to an affiliate program, and actually mastering affiliate strategies. How to Become a Master Affiliate exposes you to exactly the techniques that you need. You’ll learn things such as how to achieve better search engine placement on your affiliate-linked website to attract the maximum possible number of interested visitors.

Day 5

Got a flair for writing? Use it to your advantage! There is a fantastic technique for generating website traffic that has simply to do with writing short articles that are keyword optimized. The only question now is where to publish these articles. That’s simple! Provide articles and reviews on your own website!

The more content-rich your website becomes with real articles and reviews, the more presence you’ll have on the internet, and the more your visitors will know that you understand what you’re talking about.
Not only will you become much more visible on different search engines and web directories, through the keyword optimization, but you’ll also become a resource that your visitors turn to when they want information about the different products and services offered by your affiliate companies. This way, when they want what you’re offering, they’ll come to your site to find out about it, and then use your links to make the purchase.

This is one of the better techniques that you can use, as it creates “regular” visitors, and encourages word of mouth. You will become seen among many visitors as the authority on your particular topic, especially if you offer reviews, as well as providing tons of food for search engine spiders to gobble up as they index.

By adding to your website regularly, you also provide the impression that you’re on top of all the latest developments in your area, and that there is no need to look elsewhere for the most recent information. Of course, within these articles and reviews, you can’t forget to include the appropriate affiliate links, as well as referrals to other points of your own website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5-part miniseries, and that it has been a great help to you in generating more affiliate income. For more information, techniques, and strategies for getting the most out of affiliate programs, check out How to Become a Master Affiliate.
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Affiliate Marketing tutorials ( Part 2)

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Day 2:

There are thousands upon thousands of different affiliate programs available to you across the world wide web, so getting started with an affiliate program can sometimes seem a bit daunting. However, when you know what you’re looking for, you’ll feel much more prepared to tackle this first major step.

Though many affiliate sites will give you the impression that all that is required to enjoy affiliate program success is plugging a link or a banner onto your website, and the money will begin rolling in on its own, this is not always the case. Usually, this is only the case if your website already experiences massive amounts of daily visitors.

For that reason, you’ll want to make certain to hook up with affiliate program that offers products, services, and bargains that hold real attraction to the type of website visitor you will be experiencing.

Once you have that set, it’s up to you to get the word out, and draw as many people to your site as possible, using a number of different marketing techniques. Variety is the key, both with the products you’ll offer, and the advertising you’ll perform.

Furthermore, once your audience has reached your site, you need to encourage them to click through your affiliate links. Remember, your visitors need a very good reason to click on a link or banner on your site. Otherwise, they won’t use it.

How do you do this? Use a wide variety of the different banners and links offered to you from the affiliate program so that you have the highest chance of attracting people’s attention – no matter what draws them. Moreover, if you use simple straightforward links and banners you will experience much more success than highly colorful and picture-filled banners.

Remember, a 2% is considered doing pretty well, so you will need to do everything you can to get at least 2 out of every 100 of your visitors to use your links.

There simply isn’t any easier way to earn money online – that is, as long as you know what you’re doing. By using the techniques you learn through How to Become a Master Affiliate, you’ll be left with only one question: how do you want to spend all that extra money? A new car? Paying off your mortgage? A dream vacation? The options are limited only by your own imagination!
Remember, the sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll achieve your dreams; they’re only one click away.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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This question is a most ask if you are going to make any money off affiliate marketing at all, therefore in the light of this, I have created a short 5 part course that will take you through the basis of what affiliate marketing is and how you can make money off it. so to your permission, I bring to you the basis of Affiliate Marketing with this 5 part Affiliate Marketing Tutorial.
Day 1:

Affiliate programs are the latest in truly successful residual income strategies. They are the choice of online experts, and will be your choice too, when you find out how much money you’ll be earning.

What is an affiliate program, you ask? An Affiliate is what would typically be known in the retail industry as a "representative," or "rep." In this case, an "E-rep" is probably a more accurate description. Best part is that you don't have to drag a briefcase of samples with you! In fact, once you’ve set up your strategy for making money through affiliate programs, you won’t even have to think about it anymore – except when it comes to depositing the money you’ve made into your bank account, and then deciding how to spend it.

What do you need to become an affiliate? A computer with a connection to the internet. It doesn’t even need to be your own – though that does make it more comfortable. Beyond that, there are tons of techniques that you can build into your strategy for getting the very most out of your earnings. Typically, this starts with a website; A website, simple or complex, one simple page or a big deal. It’s all up to you, and you can build as you become comfortable with the concept, and understand what you’re doing.

How do you get to know these techniques, and build on your affiliate earnings? The next 4 lessons will give you some insight into that, but for real polish and success, click here for the insightful book How to Become a Master Affiliate. This guide is just the answer you’ve been waiting for. It will teach you the latest strategies, techniques and methods for using affiliate programs to earn really great cash.
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