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Super-Affiliate write Profit from reviews-Part 5

Dear reader, this is the continuation of the series started. I hope you will take action and receive the best for you!

Super Affiliates Profit From Reviews
You have all this information on the product now what; Just a testimonial? No.
Now that you know your niche and the people in it…you know their problems and how to talk to them…you know what products they’re interested to help them solve their problems…you’ve got the product and tried it out yourself…it’s time to tell your visitors about it.
The most effective way, by far, to do that is to write a good review of the product. A GOOD review isn’t just a line that says, “This is a GREAT product, grab yours while you can!” and add an affiliate link. Everybody does that and

everybody gets just a small percentage of the sales that they could be making if they did it right.
A GOOD review is one that the visitors to your site think is good…it doesn’t matter what you think about it! Make your review of the product as thorough and comprehensive as possible. Don’t be afraid of issuing a 2 or 3 page review of a product…there’s an ulterior motive in there we’ll touch on later in another tip.
Write your review just like you were telling your best friend about the product. Talk to just one person…not everyone in the world…and your writing will sound very personal to your visitors. They want to think that you’re talking to only them about the product.
Make sure you talk about the product in a fair and balanced way. Don’t just rave about it in general terms. Be specific! If the product itself is good, but the instructions are bad, tell your visitors that. If installing the script or putting the product together was difficult, tell them that too. The good, the bad and the ugly!
Make your visitors see the product through your eyes…make them feel what you felt about the product. If you thought it was a good deal, then chances are they will too…and that means a sale for you!
Make sure your review covers the bad points as well as the good. People would much prefer an honest review than sales pitches; it always converts better.
Enhance Your Reviews
At this stage, you will “grow” or enhance your review content with personal recommendations and multi-media to help sell your readers.
Take a look at your original review and find ways to enhance it and add more review comments along with your original ones. This will help people who:

1. Return to your site several times for follow up via your autoresponder messages. Everyone likes fresh content, so they’ll see that you keep adding more.

2. Learn, shop and buy via different senses and methods: i.e. many people learn best by reading text, others enjoy more visuals like digital images, and still others learn through hearing (audio) and movie-type formats (video). So the more content you host, the more visitors you can interest in buying and coming back for more.
3. Can’t decide and want to “think about it” before buying. Your enhanced reviews will help guide them through the closing process, answering any objections they may have along the way.

4. New visitors who find you because your content shows up in the search engines for them! They want to learn more about your affiliate products, but your competitors sure don’t have the info you have. You obviously have more info on the product. You are the authority. So they want to buy from you. Yes!

The main site should have testimonials to kick this content off. Start with those, and then add your own, especially your own story about how you purchased and how you have benefited from the purchase. Add digital photos and a video clip with “before” and “after” results with your purchase. Add an audio file about your experience, too, so that your visitors can download it and listen to it on the road in their MP3 players.
Then follow up after sales… when somebody buys through your link ask your clients for feedback, audio interviews, digital shots of them using the product, etc. Give them a link on your website in exchange for their participation. Make a habit with each sale to ask for this feedback right away; include a message about it in your Thank You message. And don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.
What do you do when you buy something neat? You tell your friends. So ask for their friends’ email addresses so that you can:
a. help your customers share their great news, and;
b. help inform their friends about your product so that they can benefit from its purchase, too.

YES! You can do this as an affiliate.

This personal approach should really assist you to make even more sales!
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Super-Affiliate write testimonials-Part 4

Dear reader, this is the continuation of the series so read and take action!

Super Affiliates Love To Write Testimonials
Testimonials sell because once again your not just saying, hey look at this new product… now buy it. You putting you into the picture a person they trust and want to hear their opinion.
Creating Your Own Testimonial Story…
Here are some general guidelines to follow when writing out your recommendation:
1. Open - Give details freely. Discuss how you initially learned about the product. What were you looking for and what led you to your purchase?

2. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – What happened once you decided to buy? Make sure to share real facts, not hype. For example, did the order button on the sales page not work, making you almost decide to give up? Or maybe you couldn’t remember where you downloaded the file and felt worried about a tough installation and activation? If so, you could mention these kinds of items, in case they do happen with others and scare them off. Then continue your story and let people know you were glad you hung in there because….(#3 point next.)

3. Detailed Benefits – Give specifics, don’t just say, “This eBook is great!” Tell why. Which chapter did you turn to right away? Without giving away the content inside, how did the eBooks’ information help you – did you earn more money, for instance? Work less? Share some of your ROI (return on investment) so that people can discover how the product can help and get them more excited, closing them in on their purchase.

4. Closing Call to Action – Challenge others reading your testimonial to purchase and try the product themselves with the 30-day Money Back

Guarantee. Let them know they have nothing to lose, etc. Help pre-close the sale.

So I highly recommend that you buy and use the products that you are going to promote as an affiliate. Know exactly how they benefit you. And then share the details with others in a personal manner.
Your personal recommendation - your honest, true-to-life experience with your own purchase and use of the products you are promoting - is a key route to your affiliate sales success.
Recommending products that you have tested and know are good will always increase sales.
Yes it may cost you money in the short term, but in the long term your affiliate sales will increase so that you easily get your initial investment back and quickly move on to profit.
Commonsense Tip
Quality and quantity of product and sales page.
If you want to increase affiliate sales, only recommend products that you have tested and know that are good
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Super-Affiliate Build relationships-part 3

Dear reader, this post aims to continue the series it started on being a super affiliate. I hope you will enjoy this and take action.

Super Affiliates Build Trusting Relationships
People buy from who they trust. Many of these methods listed here are designed to build trust; from going the extra mile, to buying the product yourself so you can really tell people more about it, to writing a “tell it like it is” review.
Other ways to build trust are:
1. Be available for a little basic product support, especially right after the sale, whenever possible. People often have a fear of abandonment right after purchases, and for just cause. Think back on the number of items you’ve purchase before and how no one responded to your Help Desk tickets, or you were maybe only given a long distance number that rang busy all the time – or not at all (scary!) or maybe the only phone number had voicemail and buttons to keep choosing, leading you nowhere except around an unending loop of automated voices looping you further into menus of useless choices – with no human or other help at all.

And don’t forget about those people who send you to FAQs pages or Help menus that are multi-levels deep to sift through for hours and days on end, never really answering your question that would probably take 2 seconds with a human contact on the phone or via a personal email of about a paragraph, if that much, in length. Even though you may not be “the” support team of the affiliate products you sell, you’ve already confirmed that you have indeed purchased and used the products. So do try to help out a little when possible.
2. If you do get a lot of support-type questions coming your way, start your own help desk and set up your own “Most frequently asked questions…” page and point customers there. Plus contact the seller’s company and let them know all the questions you are getting. In a way, you are a team, selling the product together. So don’t be afraid to work together, too.
3. List your own contact information on your website and in your email and autoresponder messages. Offer means to call, email and write in for help.

Would you buy from somebody who went this far? I know I sure would.
All of the methods discussed here in this report will add to your trust factor. And as the person you are trying to convince to buy from your affiliate link gains more trust in you, your chances of sales success increase.
It is vital to get potential buyers to trust you. So always give quality content and always, always go that extra mile. The more you can get people to trust you, the more your sales will increase, and that’s a fact.
But why go this far?
Before I answer that let me ask you this “Which one of these scenarios would most make you want to buy?”
1. Someone tells you about a great new product they have heard about. They suggest that you give it a try.

2. Someone tells you about something they tried just last week. They share some details – maybe even a tiny detail or two that could have turned into a huge negative issue but was turned into a positive one instead - and how the product really works for them and how they’ve benefited from it already.

Well, of course it would in likelihood be 2. Why? True accounts as personal recommendations, especially those that are more “real,” with emotional hype left out, are a key route to sales success.
Known Fact
People buy from who they trust so always give quality content.

Super-Affiliate know their product-part 2

Dear reader, this is the continuation of the post I began the last time. Enjoy as you take action.

Next Step ...
Super Affiliates Know Their Products
Now that you know how you are going to be handling the people side of marketing and you know a lot more about your intended niche than the AVERAGE affiliate, it’s time to research some products. You already know from your people research (forums, surveys, etc.) that a lot of people in the niche are having a certain problem…let’s say putting in golf.
Now that you know you’re looking for a “putt straightener” product, it’s a simple matter to do some searching to find products that will help people putt straighter. Here’s how to do that effectively and as quickly as possible.
There are a TON of websites that you can use to find applicable products, but the top 4 to use are:
Individual products may have an affiliate program of it’s own so if you personally use a program check out selling it to others. Check your favorite products to see if they have an affiliate program and you can pick up extra income by just telling people what you are personally using and giving them a chance to have the same great experience!
Join This Affiliate Program For
Generous Recurring Commissions

If you do not use the product yourself here’s where you have to do some digging. Once you’ve found a list of products that you may want to sell to your new niche, you need to explore those products thoroughly. Check out the sales page you’ll be sending your visitors to; check out the company behind the product…are there any complaints about them on the Internet? Are the affiliates happy with them? Check out the terms of service for affiliates…how often do they pay you…how do they pay you…is there a minimum commission…so there are no surprises for you when you start to sell a bunch of their products.
Get in contact with their affiliate manager, if they have one, or the product owner and see what tools they have to help you sell their product. See what type of support you feel you’ll get from them.
Do your due diligence here and you’ll be FAR above average in both your marketing efforts and your affiliate income.
This may seem very elementary, but how are you going to sell something you’ve never even held in your hands, or read? How are you going to be able to tell someone about it face-to-face unless you’ve used it?
This single point is what REALLY sorts out the average affiliate marketer from the super-affiliates. The very successful affiliate marketers always know exactly what their products look like…what they feel like…even what they smell like! They know their products.
This is something you have to be doing if you expect to increase your affiliate sales. Here’s how to do that. Most digital product owners will give you a free copy of their product if you ask them for it…some of the great digital product owner will include the freebie in their affiliate tools or at least give you a good discount on the product.
Physical products may be a little different… but it doesn’t hurt to ask, you may be surprised! If you explain your marketing to the owner and tell them how effective other campaigns have been for you, the owner may give you a product or at least sell it to you at cost.

Even if you have to pay full retail, the purchase is well worth it. You’ll know just how good the product is…its great selling points, its good selling points and its not-so-good points that you need to tell your customers all about.
Think of telling your best friend about a product. The first question he’s going to ask is, “Have you tried it?” When you tell him that you haven’t, what are the chances that he’s going to be real interested in what you have to say about it?
KNOW your product and you’ll have taken a HUGE step towards being an above average affiliate marketer and increasing your affiliate sales.
“Do This” Tip
Put a recommendation for another complimentary affiliate product on your download page but make sure the product fits the niche.
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How to become a super-affiliate

Dear reader,
One thing that I have promised to give you is the best content ever. This is what I will be delivery again when I start another expository series on how to make money as an affiliate marketer without stress. Do you know that you can earn money on auto-pilot and get checks every month? Just follow this tutorials in series and see what I mean.
I have discovered a killer method that works like “gang busters” bringing me in up to $632.65 each month. The best part is that it only took me less than 10 minutes to setup and it is constantly growing each and every month.
Listen, you are about to read in this 27 page special report, the techniques and tips that super affiliates use to make 90% more than other affiliates do. But if I were to share with you just one technique that you could instantly apply to get monthly commissions that grow constantly, you would be interested wouldn’t you? Say yes, if I’m talking your language.
I freely admit that if you already have a list that is constantly growing then you instantly have 95% of the formula, but if you don’t have a list do not worry because even you can profit from this opportunity.
Here is the simple 3 step formula.
Step 1. Join an affiliate program offering exceptional commissions for memberships that continuously pay you every month for every subscriber you refer.
Step 2. Use all of the recommended promotional tools but especially add to your auto-responder series a solo ad for the membership or a quality review with bonus.
Step 3. Sit back rake in the money and continually drive traffic to either your autoresponder or other advertisements to continually grow it.

Super Affiliates Start With People
The average affiliate marketer just goes out and finds a product…any product that has a high commission… and throws up a link and sits back and HOPES that someone will click on it and buy the product. DON’T BE AVERAGE!
When you’re deciding what product to add to your affiliate marketing business, you really shouldn’t be looking at products at all! Instead, you should be looking at people!
Products don’t buy products…people buy products! If you don’t know what the people who are a part of your niche are having problems with, are interested in, are talking about…then how can you sell something to them?
Once you’ve decided upon a niche, you need to be a part of that niche…even if it’s just briefly. Learn to talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s extremely simple. Just do a search for forums that relate to your niche. Go to them and sign up. Read the posts on that forum. See what problems people are complaining about…see what topics are getting a lot of posts…see who the experts are in that niche.
Sign up for a newsletter or two. That will give you a good idea of the level of marketing in that niche and will also let you learn the “lingo” of the niche. See what products they are talking about and trying to sell. This will also give you an idea of whom to JV with when you start your own affiliate program for your own product!
Ask questions on the forum. Get to know some of the people. Build relationships with them. After you’re an accepted member of the forum, ask them if they’d mind doing a survey for you in exchange for a nice gift. That’s when they actually tell you what they want and will buy!
Rule 1. People FIRST, then products.

Essential Tip
Always, always ALWAYS give superb customer service…even if the product manufacturer or owner doesn’t.
These are YOUR customers and YOUR business!
That philosophy will definitely make you an above average affiliate marketer and increase your affiliate sales. Making people first will almost assuredly create satisfied customers, buyers singing your praise, repeat buyers and all because you went that extra mile.
The average affiliate marketer looks at products first; sees what product has the highest commission and then just throws up a page with a bunch of links and tries to get traffic to it. Is it any wonder that they’re not making very much money?
If you’re just throwing links out there and maybe a picture now and then, all you’re trying to do is sell, sell, sell! Do you like it when someone tries to push you into buying something? Are you the type that LOVES to go to a used car lot just to be bullied by a salesman? Probably not!
Or would you rather go into a store where the “salesman” tells you all about a particular item you’re interested in? He gives you a chance to touch it and play with it…to look inside it. He gives you his opinion on the product and tells you novel ways to use it. He tells you stories about other customers that are using the same product and what they’ve found. He tells you the good and the bad about the product and compares it to others. He finds out what you’re planning to do with the product and gives you great tips on how to do just what you want to do. He builds your trust and builds some rapport with you. He’s just talking and educating you, not selling you!
That salesman is doing exactly what YOU need to be doing with your affiliate products. He’s telling, not selling.
Learn to tell not sell and you’ll see a tremendous increase in your affiliate marketing income. Think of times when you, as a customer, were told, not sold
and try to incorporate that style into your affiliate marketing business…you and your affiliate check will be glad you did!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Affiliate Marketing tutorials ( Part 3)

Dear reader
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Day 3: One of the best ways that you can maximize the performance of your affiliate strategy is by way of direct promotion via email. While the use of this strategy has blossomed over the last few years, a great deal of it has been through SPAM – unsolicited advertisements – which this course neither suggests, nor approves of. Instead, there are much more effective and acceptable method of advertising by way of email that will be of much greater use to you and your affiliate strategy. This is by way of opt-in emails, which usually consist of e-zines or newsletters. These are emails that recipients actually choose to receive, by signing up. This way, you’ll be able to create an information-based email, which you can send directly to the recipient’s email inbox, and which may also contain summaries, explanations, benefit lists, and uses for different products or services. Within these newsletters, you can create a great deal of interest in the different products and services offered by your affiliate program – subtly, as hard-selling is unappealing, and will frequently turn readers away from your e-publication – creating the desire within those readers to learn more, and perhaps even buy. Within each of your articles or summaries, include your affiliate link for the product that applies to that particular message. The benefit here is twofold. Not only do you have a perfect opportunity to promote the products and services being sold through your affiliate strategy – providing click-throughs, and then sales with your commissions – but your visitors will be reminded of your site with each publication of the newsletter or e-zine, allowing them to discover new products and services that they may never have noticed on their own. For more details, check out How to Become a Master Affiliate, and learn how to get the very most out of online affiliate programs!

Day 4: A common question among people with affiliate websites is how to attract more visitors to their websites. There is a simple answer to this question, which can be performed by even the most inexperienced Internet Marketers. This answer is pay-per-click marketing. Pay-per-click is a service offered by some search engines, where you can post the link to your website, and you only pay when someone uses that link to visit your site. You only pay when it works. Remember, a successful affiliate website has a 2% click through rate. That’s only 2 out of every 100 visitors. That means that you’re going to want a lot of visitors to check out your site, if you’re going to benefit from your affiliate links in any realistic sort of way.Here are some tips that you can use to get the most out of your pay-per-click: ·

Check out a place like and get to know how pay-per-click really works. With a good understanding of the way the programs function and record their clicks, you’ll have a better idea of how to use pay-per-click to your advantage.·

Use keywords that aren’t covered by too many other (if any) websites, and that will be common searches by people seeking the products and services sold through your affiliate links. Be sure to try many different variations of different keywords, to make sure that you have as much of a monopoly on them as possible.·

Bid on as many keywords as possible. Why? Because the more keywords you bid on, the more links will be built for your website. That is, bidding on 100 keywords is the same as building 100 links back to your website. There are, however, many other different techniques that will make the difference between making a little bit of extra cash, and making an actual income. It’s the difference between signing up to an affiliate program, and actually mastering affiliate strategies. How to Become a Master Affiliate exposes you to exactly the techniques that you need. You’ll learn things such as how to achieve better search engine placement on your affiliate-linked website to attract the maximum possible number of interested visitors.

Day 5

Got a flair for writing? Use it to your advantage! There is a fantastic technique for generating website traffic that has simply to do with writing short articles that are keyword optimized. The only question now is where to publish these articles. That’s simple! Provide articles and reviews on your own website!

The more content-rich your website becomes with real articles and reviews, the more presence you’ll have on the internet, and the more your visitors will know that you understand what you’re talking about.
Not only will you become much more visible on different search engines and web directories, through the keyword optimization, but you’ll also become a resource that your visitors turn to when they want information about the different products and services offered by your affiliate companies. This way, when they want what you’re offering, they’ll come to your site to find out about it, and then use your links to make the purchase.

This is one of the better techniques that you can use, as it creates “regular” visitors, and encourages word of mouth. You will become seen among many visitors as the authority on your particular topic, especially if you offer reviews, as well as providing tons of food for search engine spiders to gobble up as they index.

By adding to your website regularly, you also provide the impression that you’re on top of all the latest developments in your area, and that there is no need to look elsewhere for the most recent information. Of course, within these articles and reviews, you can’t forget to include the appropriate affiliate links, as well as referrals to other points of your own website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 5-part miniseries, and that it has been a great help to you in generating more affiliate income. For more information, techniques, and strategies for getting the most out of affiliate programs, check out How to Become a Master Affiliate.
This brings us to the end of the fourth series. You can see that I have posted the 3rd, 4th and the 5th together because I want you to learn the basis. If you have not subscribed to recieve the special ebook, then you better do because this book will teach you the basis of Affiliate Marketing and Turn you into a pro! Therefore subscribe the get the basis and turn yourself toa pro!

To your success,
Oke Timothy

Affiliate Marketing tutorials ( Part 2)

Dear blog reader,
This is the continuation of the Affiliate Marketing tutorials that I began in the last post. Please you will do well to subscribe if you want to collect the said Affiliate mastery ebook.
To your permission, I bring to you the continuation. Enjoy!

Day 2:

There are thousands upon thousands of different affiliate programs available to you across the world wide web, so getting started with an affiliate program can sometimes seem a bit daunting. However, when you know what you’re looking for, you’ll feel much more prepared to tackle this first major step.

Though many affiliate sites will give you the impression that all that is required to enjoy affiliate program success is plugging a link or a banner onto your website, and the money will begin rolling in on its own, this is not always the case. Usually, this is only the case if your website already experiences massive amounts of daily visitors.

For that reason, you’ll want to make certain to hook up with affiliate program that offers products, services, and bargains that hold real attraction to the type of website visitor you will be experiencing.

Once you have that set, it’s up to you to get the word out, and draw as many people to your site as possible, using a number of different marketing techniques. Variety is the key, both with the products you’ll offer, and the advertising you’ll perform.

Furthermore, once your audience has reached your site, you need to encourage them to click through your affiliate links. Remember, your visitors need a very good reason to click on a link or banner on your site. Otherwise, they won’t use it.

How do you do this? Use a wide variety of the different banners and links offered to you from the affiliate program so that you have the highest chance of attracting people’s attention – no matter what draws them. Moreover, if you use simple straightforward links and banners you will experience much more success than highly colorful and picture-filled banners.

Remember, a 2% is considered doing pretty well, so you will need to do everything you can to get at least 2 out of every 100 of your visitors to use your links.

There simply isn’t any easier way to earn money online – that is, as long as you know what you’re doing. By using the techniques you learn through How to Become a Master Affiliate, you’ll be left with only one question: how do you want to spend all that extra money? A new car? Paying off your mortgage? A dream vacation? The options are limited only by your own imagination!
Remember, the sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll achieve your dreams; they’re only one click away.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Dear blog reader,
This question is a most ask if you are going to make any money off affiliate marketing at all, therefore in the light of this, I have created a short 5 part course that will take you through the basis of what affiliate marketing is and how you can make money off it. so to your permission, I bring to you the basis of Affiliate Marketing with this 5 part Affiliate Marketing Tutorial.
Day 1:

Affiliate programs are the latest in truly successful residual income strategies. They are the choice of online experts, and will be your choice too, when you find out how much money you’ll be earning.

What is an affiliate program, you ask? An Affiliate is what would typically be known in the retail industry as a "representative," or "rep." In this case, an "E-rep" is probably a more accurate description. Best part is that you don't have to drag a briefcase of samples with you! In fact, once you’ve set up your strategy for making money through affiliate programs, you won’t even have to think about it anymore – except when it comes to depositing the money you’ve made into your bank account, and then deciding how to spend it.

What do you need to become an affiliate? A computer with a connection to the internet. It doesn’t even need to be your own – though that does make it more comfortable. Beyond that, there are tons of techniques that you can build into your strategy for getting the very most out of your earnings. Typically, this starts with a website; A website, simple or complex, one simple page or a big deal. It’s all up to you, and you can build as you become comfortable with the concept, and understand what you’re doing.

How do you get to know these techniques, and build on your affiliate earnings? The next 4 lessons will give you some insight into that, but for real polish and success, click here for the insightful book How to Become a Master Affiliate. This guide is just the answer you’ve been waiting for. It will teach you the latest strategies, techniques and methods for using affiliate programs to earn really great cash.
Remember, financial security is only a click away.
The insightful book is only available through subscription to this website and you can subscribe in that box at the right hand corner. The next part of this series will be posted soonest.
To your success,
Oke Timothy

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The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month! ( Part 3 )

Dear blog reader,
This is the third in series of this exciting topic. I hope you are already in the process of making this said money and you now realize that this is no gimmick at all. The course has given you all that you will need to make money with BUM marketing method and I am sure that you are already taking action steps. With that assurance, I bring to you today the third in the series of using Bum marketing method to promote your affiliate product.
How To Go From $0 A Day To $150 A Day With Bum Marketing.

Now, here is the main method I was talking about.

How to earn $150 a day with bum marketing in under a month.

So let's go shall we.

This is what you should be doing every week.

Follow this action plan every week and you will be well on your way to earning $150 a day within a month.

Step 1 - Find 5 products to promote

You will need to find 5 decent products to promote that fit the criteria I talked above in the above sections. is a good start to find products to promote. There are new products being added daily.

Make sure they pay you enough for your time. Don't promote a product that pays you peanuts. It's not worth it especially if their are more products out there that pay you better.

Do you want instant cash paid via Paypal?

If I want instant cash, I go to and find products to promote. I then email the product owners and tell them I am going to promote their products, ONLY if they pay me instantly as soon as I get a sale.

With the owner of the product gets paid instantly via Paypal and they can also pay their affiliates instantly.

Another great idea for the bum marketing method which not many bums are doing (apart from Travis) is promote residual income affiliate programs.
IE, affiliate programs that pay you every month, like web hosting. I love residual income affiliate programs. Promoting a product once and getting paid for as long as that customer stays a customer.

For example. If you promote a web hosting company and make a sale, you will make that same amount of money every month for as long as that customer stays with that web hosting service.

Residual income affiliate programs are the wave of the future.

If you want a list of some good affiliate programs that pay this way go to....

This is a website directory full of residual income affiliate programs.

Step 2 - Find at least 30 keywords for each product

If you want to find more keywords, even better, but start with 30 first to see if the product will be worth it. There is nothing worse then writing 50 to 100 articles to promote a product and then realized the product doesn't covert to sales.

This is very frustrating and it is going to happen on occasion, that's life. Some products will convert better then others.

But the very minimum articles I write for a specific product is 30.

If I write 30 articles and I make very little sales, then I know not to keep going.

The great thing about bum marketing is it's a perfect way to test if products are winners for free while making money. If a product is a winner, there is nothing stopping you from advertising with Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.

I know all the top bum marketers write at least 30 articles for each product they promote. I know this because I write for them and myself and this is what works for us.

Step 3 - Write the articles for your keywords

Now is the time to write your articles.

I've given you many tips above to make this easier and more profitable for you.

If you wanted to outsource the article writing you could do that as well.
There are places that write articles for as little as $6.

If you go to and signup to that forum, and go to the services for sale section, you will find many, many people offering article writing services for as little as 2 or 3 dollars a pop.

Never pay upfront. Pay after the articles are completed.

I'm not going to go into the specifics of bum marketing here as you would have already read the free report at

Write the articles quickly. Give them an action plan to use, top it off with an interesting article byline and you will make sales.

Step 4 - Create your landing pages and submit your articles will no doubt in the future change the rules for what is acceptable as the landing page people click on in your article byline.

In the future will probably not allow you to redirect their readers straight to a signup form for an optin email list. They probably won't even let you send readers straight to a sales letter or affiliate page via redirect.

Travis explains all about landing pages in the bum marketing method, but what I've found to work even better then a simple presell page or an optin page is to incorporate content around the landing page.

For example, you would have the reader directed to a page on your website, something like....

This page would be a simple presell page like Travis suggests to do in his bum marketing course.

But instead of just having one page site visitors can click on and either sign up to your free optin list or click straight over to the affiliate website, on the side of the page in the navigation area, you would put links to other articles you've written.

This makes your website more of a content/resource website. This will please your website visitors and

As you know, is cracking down on landing pages and they no longer allow

Also, this gives you more chances to make sales as well.

When a reader can see that there is more content to read on the topic, they will read those articles as well and get even more excited about the product you are promoting.

This is preselling at it's best. A lot of people really hate giving away their email address straight away just to get more information, so give it to them for free again and again and again and again, and they will eventually WANT to give you their email address.

Allan Gardyne does this well at

Once you have created your landing page, submit your articles MANUALLY to and Those are the only article directories I use.

Step 5 - Double up on your keywords

By now you should have written 150 articles and submitted them to the relevant article directories. If after a few weeks, you find a certain product is doing really well, double up.

Like I explained before, create a second account and write the same articles again under this different persons account.

Also go and look for other keywords you can write articles on.

Milk it for all it's worth.

Do all of this for 4 weeks straight and if you are not seeing $150 or more a day in your Clickbank account I will eat my Russian fur hat.

Have You Thought About Buying Your Own Article Directory Site?

This is for the more technically minded bum marketer who wants to take his or her bum marketing to the next level. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of's rules and regulations.

I'm not one to sit around and whinge though, it's their site and they can do as they wish with it, but I'm going to find another solution.

What I am doing right now is this.

I'm at and I'm looking on their forum to buy a website with a PR rating for Google of 7+. I'm looking for one to buy.

I've seen a few already. They range from anywhere between $300 and $3000.

What I'm going to do is buy a PR 7 website and setup my own article directory on it. As you know, is a PR 7 website and that is why it gets such good rankings in Google so quickly.

But there is nothing stopping anyone out there from buying a site with a genuine PR 7 rating and turning it into an article directory site. Then you can submit all your articles to this site that has a PR 7 rating and not have to worry about rules and regulations as it would be your website.

This is something I will be doing and investing in and I know a few other bum marketers I told this idea to are thinking about it.

Imagine owning your own article directory, except you play by your rules and you can submit whatever the heck you like.

You don't even have to accept other people's articles you could just use your own.

Here’s a software program / script you can use to even set this up now:

Do you think this would work? You better believe it will.
This is the end of this series and I hope you have gained alot from it. I will keep you updated and I will send updates to you therefore to get the nest post, you must subscribe to this website ith your email address which is at the right hand corner. Till the nest update,
To your success I toast.
Oke Timothy

The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month! ( Part 2 )

Dear reader,
I hope you have enjoyed the very first topic in the series of using bum marketing method to make money. Without much hesitating, I will be bring to you the second in the series. Please read and digest for you affiliate marketing success. Here goes the second in the series;
Super Product Selection.

Nothing frustrates me more then seeing and hearing bum marketers saying they are writing all these articles and not getting any sales. I then go check out their articles and what they are promoting and it's crap.


Never ever select keywords to write articles on UNTIL you have a great product to promote. I always, always look for a product to promote before I do keyword research.

This is why I'm not a big fan of keyword lists you see floating around.

They are good to use for ideas and sometimes you find a few gems, but most of the keywords are rubbish because there is no decent products to promote with that keyword.

Then the next thing I see bum's doing is using the keywords they found that fit the bum marketing criteria, they then write an article for that keyword and try and fit an unrelated product into their article by line and wonder why no one buys from them.

The best way to start with bum marketing is trying to dominate Clickbank first. Go to the Clickbank marketplace, see what is hot in all the categories, not just the Internet marketing category.

Find a product that is selling well, has a good sales letter and offers more then $10 per sale.

Just by looking myself, I found some really good products I will want to promote. One of those is on World Of Warcraft.

This is a PC game that is really hot right now. Now that I have found a good product to promote, I then do my keyword research.

Which looks something like this....

World Of Warcraft Keyword List

Keyword Search Count Competitor Results In Google

world of warcraft leveling guide 428 918
world of warcraft alliance leveling guide 180 28
world of warcraft leveling tips 770 44
power leveling for world of warcraft 296 115
world of warcraft gold strategies 218 75
gold for world of warcraft 379 1070
world of warcraft buy gold 639 6490
world of warcraft gold farming spots 346 25
world of warcraft gold making 65 690
world of warcraft gold making guide 87 9010
world of warcraft strategy guide 1620 9630
world of warcraft quest guide 565 9870
world of warcraft game guide 396 1440
world of warcraft character guide 316 106
world of warcraft quest guides 461 487
world of warcraft strategy guides 157 1760
where can I buy world of warcraft 527 120
buy gold for world of warcraft 159 118
power leveling for world of warcraft 296 115
world of warcraft leveling tips 770 44
world of warcraft walkthrough 667 2730
world of warcraft fishing guide 206 315
world of warcraft fishing 708 747
world of warcraft druid quests 315 15
world of warcraft grinding guide 114 945
world of warcraft quest help 1053 9950
world of warcraft engineering guide 270 120
world of warcraft game guide 396 1440
cheats for world of warcraft 684 2590
world of warcraft help 1381 949

All of those above keywords I would write articles on.

In fact, I have already begun to do this now.

Bum marketing is all about dominating.

You have to saturate the market with your articles to become the winner.

You need to dominate each product you promote. Don't go into bum marketing half assed.

This is a sure way to fail or make a few sales here and there.

So to recap.

Find a product to promote before you even think about keyword research. Make sure the product is hot right now, which is easy to tell on Clickbank, which is why I recommend it, make sure it has a good sales page and the sales page is working fine, make sure it offers fair commissions and make sure also that the owner is contactable.

Then once the product fits that criteria, start doing keyword research and find at least 30 keywords to write articles on.

How To Do Really Good FREE Keyword Research

Keyword research is fun. I love it. I can spend hours researching keywords, which is a mistake as it takes away from writing articles.

But it's so fun.

As I said above, the first thing to do is find a good product to promote. The next thing to do is keyword research.

I have my own keyword research tool that I use and it's free.

You can use it at....

It's great because you can see how many people a month search for the keyword and how many Google searches it gets with "".

If I need more keywords, I go to

And I type in my main keyword there. This will give me a list of over 200 keywords related to the keyword I just typed in.

All of this is free. I'm not a fan of spending money on tools that are not needed and keyword research tools can be expensive.

For every product you find that you want to promote, you should write 30 articles. You should be able to get 30 articles out a day.

So in 5 days, a working week, you would have 150 articles written and have 5 products promoted and saturated.

I'm not overly fussed on the search count. If a keyword or search term gets under 500 searches a month but is highly targeted to the product I want to promote, I will still write an article for that term.

That goes the same for keywords with more then 10,000 competing pages in Google.

If the term is really good, I will write articles for keywords with more then 10,000+ competing pages in Google, especially if it has a good amount of searches per month.

Dominate Google With Multiple Personalities

Did you know that you can have multiple accounts with

That's right. And did you know that you can have 2 articles with the exact same keyword listed in the top 10 in by writing 2 articles with the exact same title.

That's right. Instead of having 1 article in the top 10 in Google for your keyword you are targeting, you can have 2 articles listed in the top 10 in Google for that exact same keyword.

All you need to do is setup 2 free accounts with

Under 2 different names. I have many different accounts all with different pen names and this is totally acceptable as long as the articles are of good quality.

Type this phrase into Google exactly as is....

"how to save money on groceries"

See the top 2 and 3 listings?

They are articles by 2 different writers for the exact same keyword.

By using this method, you will have to create 2 totally different articles, but that is ok, this gives you even more chance to get even more people to read your article.

It basically doubles your exposure.

Don't forget, there are also other article directories like to submit to. I ALWAYS submit unique articles to each directory.

I never ever submit the same article that I submit to to

It really makes your articles suffer in the search engine ranking game to spread your articles over that many directories.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to knock up a quick article, so why not create a new article for each directory.

You will run out of products on one day to promote so it's best to milk the real winners as much as you can. Try and get as much out of each product you are promoting as you can, if you don't you are pretty much leaving money on the table.

That's definitely not a bum marketing trait!

Give Them An Actionable Plan

Want to really sell the products you are promoting with your articles? I mean really sell.

This method will set your sales on fire. I've been using this method now for over a year to write my articles and I've seen an increase in sales beyond what I thought possible for article marketing. This also works well when writing and selling your own ebooks.

Nothing makes people want to buy more then.... giving them a reason to buy right now! You have to give them a reason to buy the affiliate product you are promoting right now and you can do that by giving them a plan of action to use straight away.

Give them a way in your article to be able to use the product you are promoting straight away.

For example, let's say you are promoting a product about creating content sites for Adsense income.

In your article you could give them a method of traffic generation that works so well with content sites that it practically makes them money hand over fist.

Then in your article byline, tell them you have a product that will make creating content sites so easy and all they have to do is put the two together and make money instantly.

You could write something like this....

"Want to know how to use this traffic generation method to suck in Adsense cash 24/7 with easy to make content sites? Visit my website below"

People are sick of buying products and not having any reason to use them or doing nothing with them afterwards.

People are sick of wasting money on more information products.

I was promoting an ebook about selling turnkey businesses for resale on the Internet. In my article I wrote, I gave them an exact business to create and sell. I told them the domain name to purchase, where to find the website template to use, how to write the content and what content to write and even how to sell the business in a few hours.

Then in my article byline to promote the ebook I wrote this,

"To learn how to make a full time living creating and selling turnkey businesses for profit, visit my website below for more information"

Did people buy? You bet! When people used the business plan I gave them and actually made money from it and they saw it was profitable, they came back in droves to buy the product from me.

Travis, the originator of the bum marketing method does this well in his course at

He gives you the entire bum marketing method to try out, for free, no strings attached. He gives you a complete business plan to work with, and in the free course he promotes a few affiliate products that make life easier and make you more money with bum marketing.

You kind of feel stupid if you don't buy the products he is recommending.

Honestly, how many of you that read his course signed up for solely on his recommendation?

This brings us to the end of today's topic in the series. I will sure continue the nest time but make sure that you are subscribed to this blog with your email address.
To your success,
Oke Timothy

The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month!

Dear blog reader,
I have promised you that I will provide the best resource you will ever need to make money from Affiliate Marketing through tutorials, ebooks and audio recording. This is what I will begin in this explosive series on using BUM to market your affiliate business. This tutorial is all the that the title says.
To say the least, here goes the first series of how to use bum to make money with your website in your affiliate adventure. This is a surefire for anyone that use it.
First Up - The Two Secrets To Bum Marketing.

What most people don't understand is that you don't have to get everything right all the time with bum marketing. You don't have to be right all the time, you don't have to be perfect all the time, you don't have to be the greatest marketer of all time to make bum marketing work for you.
That's the great thing.
You can be a complete beginner to bum marketing and Internet marketing and still make more money then many of the so called guru's. This is why I'm such a fan of bum marketing and why I have gotten my family and friends onto bum marketing.
If you have no idea what bum marketing is, go to - This is a free course that explains the whole bum marketing process. This is the original source of bum marketing.
The first secret to bum marketing is....
Super Fast Writing
It sounds simple I know. But how many of you sit there and take 4 hours to write one article? You can't do that. You need to churn out 5 articles an hour, at least.
Don't sit there and go "I can't do that". Because you can. I can write 5 articles an hour and still have time to play 15 minutes of Call of Duty on WII. Speed is essential when it comes to bum marketing. Your articles don't have to be great. They can't be utter rubbish, but they don't have to be masterpieces of Pulitzer prize award stature.
I've shown my mother, my sister, my father, my best friend, my girlfriend how to write articles in a matter of minutes and I'm going to show you as well.
The secret to writing articles fast is not thinking. Don't sit there and think about the article for 10 minutes before writing it. Just start writing.
It doesn't matter what topic it is, just start writing.
The only source I use for research is
What I do is get the list of keywords I want to write articles for and then go to and search the articles for topics similar to mine.
What people don't understand is that all the research is done for you.
Your job is basically an article re writer. Every article topic imaginable has been written for you at
All you have to do is read the article and put it into your own words.
It's that simple.
Don't try and make your articles something amazing.
Write them quickly.
QUICK. Write quickly. Write like lightning. Force yourself to sit down and write and not move until you have 5 articles done every hour.
Why I say this is because the bum marketer with the most articles out there getting hits and traffic is going to win. To win, you don't need the best articles, you need the most articles.
Understand this.
YOU need to be the most prolific writer out there to win.
I do not use auto generated content or article spinners. Every article I write is unique. Every article adds value to the directory and gives the readers the information they need.
They are not long articles. 350 words to 500 words. I don't use big words, I give them the information they wanted, and I give it to them quickly.
No fluff.
Imagine being able to get out 50 articles a day. 50 articles every day.
Let's say you do that 5 days a week.
That's 250 articles a week and this is very doable, even part time. To be the best bum marketer out there, you can't expect to win by doing less then your competition.
You need to work harder then your competitors.
You only have to do this for 6 months or 12 months full time and you will have a nice on going income for many, many years to come.
You could easily work really hard for 6 months, get out 50 articles a day then take the next 6 months off.
Imagine only having to work 6 months of the year and the rest of the year your income is taken care of.
You will be getting checks for years to come from work you did 4 years ago.
I still do from articles I wrote many years ago.
Speed guys, speed is the #1 key to being the most successful bum marketer on the Internet. Work hard now and you will be the richest bum marketer on the Internet in 6 or 12 months guaranteed.
This is no joke.
Don't want to write articles?
Fine, speak them.
Get a microphone and a copy of Audacity for free and away you go.
Go to, find a keyword you want to write an article on and search for articles on that topic.
Find an article, read that article into your own words into your microphone, record it, get it transcribed and away you go.
There you are with the first on the series to making money with affiliate marketing. To receive the second part of the lesson, you will need to be notified by email therefore, make sure that you subscribe to this website with your email address.
To your success,
Oke Timothy