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The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month! ( Part 2 )

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I hope you have enjoyed the very first topic in the series of using bum marketing method to make money. Without much hesitating, I will be bring to you the second in the series. Please read and digest for you affiliate marketing success. Here goes the second in the series;
Super Product Selection.

Nothing frustrates me more then seeing and hearing bum marketers saying they are writing all these articles and not getting any sales. I then go check out their articles and what they are promoting and it's crap.


Never ever select keywords to write articles on UNTIL you have a great product to promote. I always, always look for a product to promote before I do keyword research.

This is why I'm not a big fan of keyword lists you see floating around.

They are good to use for ideas and sometimes you find a few gems, but most of the keywords are rubbish because there is no decent products to promote with that keyword.

Then the next thing I see bum's doing is using the keywords they found that fit the bum marketing criteria, they then write an article for that keyword and try and fit an unrelated product into their article by line and wonder why no one buys from them.

The best way to start with bum marketing is trying to dominate Clickbank first. Go to the Clickbank marketplace, see what is hot in all the categories, not just the Internet marketing category.

Find a product that is selling well, has a good sales letter and offers more then $10 per sale.

Just by looking myself, I found some really good products I will want to promote. One of those is on World Of Warcraft.

This is a PC game that is really hot right now. Now that I have found a good product to promote, I then do my keyword research.

Which looks something like this....

World Of Warcraft Keyword List

Keyword Search Count Competitor Results In Google

world of warcraft leveling guide 428 918
world of warcraft alliance leveling guide 180 28
world of warcraft leveling tips 770 44
power leveling for world of warcraft 296 115
world of warcraft gold strategies 218 75
gold for world of warcraft 379 1070
world of warcraft buy gold 639 6490
world of warcraft gold farming spots 346 25
world of warcraft gold making 65 690
world of warcraft gold making guide 87 9010
world of warcraft strategy guide 1620 9630
world of warcraft quest guide 565 9870
world of warcraft game guide 396 1440
world of warcraft character guide 316 106
world of warcraft quest guides 461 487
world of warcraft strategy guides 157 1760
where can I buy world of warcraft 527 120
buy gold for world of warcraft 159 118
power leveling for world of warcraft 296 115
world of warcraft leveling tips 770 44
world of warcraft walkthrough 667 2730
world of warcraft fishing guide 206 315
world of warcraft fishing 708 747
world of warcraft druid quests 315 15
world of warcraft grinding guide 114 945
world of warcraft quest help 1053 9950
world of warcraft engineering guide 270 120
world of warcraft game guide 396 1440
cheats for world of warcraft 684 2590
world of warcraft help 1381 949

All of those above keywords I would write articles on.

In fact, I have already begun to do this now.

Bum marketing is all about dominating.

You have to saturate the market with your articles to become the winner.

You need to dominate each product you promote. Don't go into bum marketing half assed.

This is a sure way to fail or make a few sales here and there.

So to recap.

Find a product to promote before you even think about keyword research. Make sure the product is hot right now, which is easy to tell on Clickbank, which is why I recommend it, make sure it has a good sales page and the sales page is working fine, make sure it offers fair commissions and make sure also that the owner is contactable.

Then once the product fits that criteria, start doing keyword research and find at least 30 keywords to write articles on.

How To Do Really Good FREE Keyword Research

Keyword research is fun. I love it. I can spend hours researching keywords, which is a mistake as it takes away from writing articles.

But it's so fun.

As I said above, the first thing to do is find a good product to promote. The next thing to do is keyword research.

I have my own keyword research tool that I use and it's free.

You can use it at....

It's great because you can see how many people a month search for the keyword and how many Google searches it gets with "".

If I need more keywords, I go to

And I type in my main keyword there. This will give me a list of over 200 keywords related to the keyword I just typed in.

All of this is free. I'm not a fan of spending money on tools that are not needed and keyword research tools can be expensive.

For every product you find that you want to promote, you should write 30 articles. You should be able to get 30 articles out a day.

So in 5 days, a working week, you would have 150 articles written and have 5 products promoted and saturated.

I'm not overly fussed on the search count. If a keyword or search term gets under 500 searches a month but is highly targeted to the product I want to promote, I will still write an article for that term.

That goes the same for keywords with more then 10,000 competing pages in Google.

If the term is really good, I will write articles for keywords with more then 10,000+ competing pages in Google, especially if it has a good amount of searches per month.

Dominate Google With Multiple Personalities

Did you know that you can have multiple accounts with

That's right. And did you know that you can have 2 articles with the exact same keyword listed in the top 10 in by writing 2 articles with the exact same title.

That's right. Instead of having 1 article in the top 10 in Google for your keyword you are targeting, you can have 2 articles listed in the top 10 in Google for that exact same keyword.

All you need to do is setup 2 free accounts with

Under 2 different names. I have many different accounts all with different pen names and this is totally acceptable as long as the articles are of good quality.

Type this phrase into Google exactly as is....

"how to save money on groceries"

See the top 2 and 3 listings?

They are articles by 2 different writers for the exact same keyword.

By using this method, you will have to create 2 totally different articles, but that is ok, this gives you even more chance to get even more people to read your article.

It basically doubles your exposure.

Don't forget, there are also other article directories like to submit to. I ALWAYS submit unique articles to each directory.

I never ever submit the same article that I submit to to

It really makes your articles suffer in the search engine ranking game to spread your articles over that many directories.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to knock up a quick article, so why not create a new article for each directory.

You will run out of products on one day to promote so it's best to milk the real winners as much as you can. Try and get as much out of each product you are promoting as you can, if you don't you are pretty much leaving money on the table.

That's definitely not a bum marketing trait!

Give Them An Actionable Plan

Want to really sell the products you are promoting with your articles? I mean really sell.

This method will set your sales on fire. I've been using this method now for over a year to write my articles and I've seen an increase in sales beyond what I thought possible for article marketing. This also works well when writing and selling your own ebooks.

Nothing makes people want to buy more then.... giving them a reason to buy right now! You have to give them a reason to buy the affiliate product you are promoting right now and you can do that by giving them a plan of action to use straight away.

Give them a way in your article to be able to use the product you are promoting straight away.

For example, let's say you are promoting a product about creating content sites for Adsense income.

In your article you could give them a method of traffic generation that works so well with content sites that it practically makes them money hand over fist.

Then in your article byline, tell them you have a product that will make creating content sites so easy and all they have to do is put the two together and make money instantly.

You could write something like this....

"Want to know how to use this traffic generation method to suck in Adsense cash 24/7 with easy to make content sites? Visit my website below"

People are sick of buying products and not having any reason to use them or doing nothing with them afterwards.

People are sick of wasting money on more information products.

I was promoting an ebook about selling turnkey businesses for resale on the Internet. In my article I wrote, I gave them an exact business to create and sell. I told them the domain name to purchase, where to find the website template to use, how to write the content and what content to write and even how to sell the business in a few hours.

Then in my article byline to promote the ebook I wrote this,

"To learn how to make a full time living creating and selling turnkey businesses for profit, visit my website below for more information"

Did people buy? You bet! When people used the business plan I gave them and actually made money from it and they saw it was profitable, they came back in droves to buy the product from me.

Travis, the originator of the bum marketing method does this well in his course at

He gives you the entire bum marketing method to try out, for free, no strings attached. He gives you a complete business plan to work with, and in the free course he promotes a few affiliate products that make life easier and make you more money with bum marketing.

You kind of feel stupid if you don't buy the products he is recommending.

Honestly, how many of you that read his course signed up for solely on his recommendation?

This brings us to the end of today's topic in the series. I will sure continue the nest time but make sure that you are subscribed to this blog with your email address.
To your success,
Oke Timothy

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