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The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month! ( Part 3 )

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This is the third in series of this exciting topic. I hope you are already in the process of making this said money and you now realize that this is no gimmick at all. The course has given you all that you will need to make money with BUM marketing method and I am sure that you are already taking action steps. With that assurance, I bring to you today the third in the series of using Bum marketing method to promote your affiliate product.
How To Go From $0 A Day To $150 A Day With Bum Marketing.

Now, here is the main method I was talking about.

How to earn $150 a day with bum marketing in under a month.

So let's go shall we.

This is what you should be doing every week.

Follow this action plan every week and you will be well on your way to earning $150 a day within a month.

Step 1 - Find 5 products to promote

You will need to find 5 decent products to promote that fit the criteria I talked above in the above sections. is a good start to find products to promote. There are new products being added daily.

Make sure they pay you enough for your time. Don't promote a product that pays you peanuts. It's not worth it especially if their are more products out there that pay you better.

Do you want instant cash paid via Paypal?

If I want instant cash, I go to and find products to promote. I then email the product owners and tell them I am going to promote their products, ONLY if they pay me instantly as soon as I get a sale.

With the owner of the product gets paid instantly via Paypal and they can also pay their affiliates instantly.

Another great idea for the bum marketing method which not many bums are doing (apart from Travis) is promote residual income affiliate programs.
IE, affiliate programs that pay you every month, like web hosting. I love residual income affiliate programs. Promoting a product once and getting paid for as long as that customer stays a customer.

For example. If you promote a web hosting company and make a sale, you will make that same amount of money every month for as long as that customer stays with that web hosting service.

Residual income affiliate programs are the wave of the future.

If you want a list of some good affiliate programs that pay this way go to....

This is a website directory full of residual income affiliate programs.

Step 2 - Find at least 30 keywords for each product

If you want to find more keywords, even better, but start with 30 first to see if the product will be worth it. There is nothing worse then writing 50 to 100 articles to promote a product and then realized the product doesn't covert to sales.

This is very frustrating and it is going to happen on occasion, that's life. Some products will convert better then others.

But the very minimum articles I write for a specific product is 30.

If I write 30 articles and I make very little sales, then I know not to keep going.

The great thing about bum marketing is it's a perfect way to test if products are winners for free while making money. If a product is a winner, there is nothing stopping you from advertising with Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.

I know all the top bum marketers write at least 30 articles for each product they promote. I know this because I write for them and myself and this is what works for us.

Step 3 - Write the articles for your keywords

Now is the time to write your articles.

I've given you many tips above to make this easier and more profitable for you.

If you wanted to outsource the article writing you could do that as well.
There are places that write articles for as little as $6.

If you go to and signup to that forum, and go to the services for sale section, you will find many, many people offering article writing services for as little as 2 or 3 dollars a pop.

Never pay upfront. Pay after the articles are completed.

I'm not going to go into the specifics of bum marketing here as you would have already read the free report at

Write the articles quickly. Give them an action plan to use, top it off with an interesting article byline and you will make sales.

Step 4 - Create your landing pages and submit your articles will no doubt in the future change the rules for what is acceptable as the landing page people click on in your article byline.

In the future will probably not allow you to redirect their readers straight to a signup form for an optin email list. They probably won't even let you send readers straight to a sales letter or affiliate page via redirect.

Travis explains all about landing pages in the bum marketing method, but what I've found to work even better then a simple presell page or an optin page is to incorporate content around the landing page.

For example, you would have the reader directed to a page on your website, something like....

This page would be a simple presell page like Travis suggests to do in his bum marketing course.

But instead of just having one page site visitors can click on and either sign up to your free optin list or click straight over to the affiliate website, on the side of the page in the navigation area, you would put links to other articles you've written.

This makes your website more of a content/resource website. This will please your website visitors and

As you know, is cracking down on landing pages and they no longer allow

Also, this gives you more chances to make sales as well.

When a reader can see that there is more content to read on the topic, they will read those articles as well and get even more excited about the product you are promoting.

This is preselling at it's best. A lot of people really hate giving away their email address straight away just to get more information, so give it to them for free again and again and again and again, and they will eventually WANT to give you their email address.

Allan Gardyne does this well at

Once you have created your landing page, submit your articles MANUALLY to and Those are the only article directories I use.

Step 5 - Double up on your keywords

By now you should have written 150 articles and submitted them to the relevant article directories. If after a few weeks, you find a certain product is doing really well, double up.

Like I explained before, create a second account and write the same articles again under this different persons account.

Also go and look for other keywords you can write articles on.

Milk it for all it's worth.

Do all of this for 4 weeks straight and if you are not seeing $150 or more a day in your Clickbank account I will eat my Russian fur hat.

Have You Thought About Buying Your Own Article Directory Site?

This is for the more technically minded bum marketer who wants to take his or her bum marketing to the next level. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of's rules and regulations.

I'm not one to sit around and whinge though, it's their site and they can do as they wish with it, but I'm going to find another solution.

What I am doing right now is this.

I'm at and I'm looking on their forum to buy a website with a PR rating for Google of 7+. I'm looking for one to buy.

I've seen a few already. They range from anywhere between $300 and $3000.

What I'm going to do is buy a PR 7 website and setup my own article directory on it. As you know, is a PR 7 website and that is why it gets such good rankings in Google so quickly.

But there is nothing stopping anyone out there from buying a site with a genuine PR 7 rating and turning it into an article directory site. Then you can submit all your articles to this site that has a PR 7 rating and not have to worry about rules and regulations as it would be your website.

This is something I will be doing and investing in and I know a few other bum marketers I told this idea to are thinking about it.

Imagine owning your own article directory, except you play by your rules and you can submit whatever the heck you like.

You don't even have to accept other people's articles you could just use your own.

Here’s a software program / script you can use to even set this up now:

Do you think this would work? You better believe it will.
This is the end of this series and I hope you have gained alot from it. I will keep you updated and I will send updates to you therefore to get the nest post, you must subscribe to this website ith your email address which is at the right hand corner. Till the nest update,
To your success I toast.
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