Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Secret To Earning $150 A Day Every Day Like Clockwork With Bum Marketing In Under A Month!

Dear blog reader,
I have promised you that I will provide the best resource you will ever need to make money from Affiliate Marketing through tutorials, ebooks and audio recording. This is what I will begin in this explosive series on using BUM to market your affiliate business. This tutorial is all the that the title says.
To say the least, here goes the first series of how to use bum to make money with your website in your affiliate adventure. This is a surefire for anyone that use it.
First Up - The Two Secrets To Bum Marketing.

What most people don't understand is that you don't have to get everything right all the time with bum marketing. You don't have to be right all the time, you don't have to be perfect all the time, you don't have to be the greatest marketer of all time to make bum marketing work for you.
That's the great thing.
You can be a complete beginner to bum marketing and Internet marketing and still make more money then many of the so called guru's. This is why I'm such a fan of bum marketing and why I have gotten my family and friends onto bum marketing.
If you have no idea what bum marketing is, go to - This is a free course that explains the whole bum marketing process. This is the original source of bum marketing.
The first secret to bum marketing is....
Super Fast Writing
It sounds simple I know. But how many of you sit there and take 4 hours to write one article? You can't do that. You need to churn out 5 articles an hour, at least.
Don't sit there and go "I can't do that". Because you can. I can write 5 articles an hour and still have time to play 15 minutes of Call of Duty on WII. Speed is essential when it comes to bum marketing. Your articles don't have to be great. They can't be utter rubbish, but they don't have to be masterpieces of Pulitzer prize award stature.
I've shown my mother, my sister, my father, my best friend, my girlfriend how to write articles in a matter of minutes and I'm going to show you as well.
The secret to writing articles fast is not thinking. Don't sit there and think about the article for 10 minutes before writing it. Just start writing.
It doesn't matter what topic it is, just start writing.
The only source I use for research is
What I do is get the list of keywords I want to write articles for and then go to and search the articles for topics similar to mine.
What people don't understand is that all the research is done for you.
Your job is basically an article re writer. Every article topic imaginable has been written for you at
All you have to do is read the article and put it into your own words.
It's that simple.
Don't try and make your articles something amazing.
Write them quickly.
QUICK. Write quickly. Write like lightning. Force yourself to sit down and write and not move until you have 5 articles done every hour.
Why I say this is because the bum marketer with the most articles out there getting hits and traffic is going to win. To win, you don't need the best articles, you need the most articles.
Understand this.
YOU need to be the most prolific writer out there to win.
I do not use auto generated content or article spinners. Every article I write is unique. Every article adds value to the directory and gives the readers the information they need.
They are not long articles. 350 words to 500 words. I don't use big words, I give them the information they wanted, and I give it to them quickly.
No fluff.
Imagine being able to get out 50 articles a day. 50 articles every day.
Let's say you do that 5 days a week.
That's 250 articles a week and this is very doable, even part time. To be the best bum marketer out there, you can't expect to win by doing less then your competition.
You need to work harder then your competitors.
You only have to do this for 6 months or 12 months full time and you will have a nice on going income for many, many years to come.
You could easily work really hard for 6 months, get out 50 articles a day then take the next 6 months off.
Imagine only having to work 6 months of the year and the rest of the year your income is taken care of.
You will be getting checks for years to come from work you did 4 years ago.
I still do from articles I wrote many years ago.
Speed guys, speed is the #1 key to being the most successful bum marketer on the Internet. Work hard now and you will be the richest bum marketer on the Internet in 6 or 12 months guaranteed.
This is no joke.
Don't want to write articles?
Fine, speak them.
Get a microphone and a copy of Audacity for free and away you go.
Go to, find a keyword you want to write an article on and search for articles on that topic.
Find an article, read that article into your own words into your microphone, record it, get it transcribed and away you go.
There you are with the first on the series to making money with affiliate marketing. To receive the second part of the lesson, you will need to be notified by email therefore, make sure that you subscribe to this website with your email address.
To your success,
Oke Timothy

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