Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to become a super-affiliate

Dear reader,
One thing that I have promised to give you is the best content ever. This is what I will be delivery again when I start another expository series on how to make money as an affiliate marketer without stress. Do you know that you can earn money on auto-pilot and get checks every month? Just follow this tutorials in series and see what I mean.
I have discovered a killer method that works like “gang busters” bringing me in up to $632.65 each month. The best part is that it only took me less than 10 minutes to setup and it is constantly growing each and every month.
Listen, you are about to read in this 27 page special report, the techniques and tips that super affiliates use to make 90% more than other affiliates do. But if I were to share with you just one technique that you could instantly apply to get monthly commissions that grow constantly, you would be interested wouldn’t you? Say yes, if I’m talking your language.
I freely admit that if you already have a list that is constantly growing then you instantly have 95% of the formula, but if you don’t have a list do not worry because even you can profit from this opportunity.
Here is the simple 3 step formula.
Step 1. Join an affiliate program offering exceptional commissions for memberships that continuously pay you every month for every subscriber you refer.
Step 2. Use all of the recommended promotional tools but especially add to your auto-responder series a solo ad for the membership or a quality review with bonus.
Step 3. Sit back rake in the money and continually drive traffic to either your autoresponder or other advertisements to continually grow it.

Super Affiliates Start With People
The average affiliate marketer just goes out and finds a product…any product that has a high commission… and throws up a link and sits back and HOPES that someone will click on it and buy the product. DON’T BE AVERAGE!
When you’re deciding what product to add to your affiliate marketing business, you really shouldn’t be looking at products at all! Instead, you should be looking at people!
Products don’t buy products…people buy products! If you don’t know what the people who are a part of your niche are having problems with, are interested in, are talking about…then how can you sell something to them?
Once you’ve decided upon a niche, you need to be a part of that niche…even if it’s just briefly. Learn to talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s extremely simple. Just do a search for forums that relate to your niche. Go to them and sign up. Read the posts on that forum. See what problems people are complaining about…see what topics are getting a lot of posts…see who the experts are in that niche.
Sign up for a newsletter or two. That will give you a good idea of the level of marketing in that niche and will also let you learn the “lingo” of the niche. See what products they are talking about and trying to sell. This will also give you an idea of whom to JV with when you start your own affiliate program for your own product!
Ask questions on the forum. Get to know some of the people. Build relationships with them. After you’re an accepted member of the forum, ask them if they’d mind doing a survey for you in exchange for a nice gift. That’s when they actually tell you what they want and will buy!
Rule 1. People FIRST, then products.

Essential Tip
Always, always ALWAYS give superb customer service…even if the product manufacturer or owner doesn’t.
These are YOUR customers and YOUR business!
That philosophy will definitely make you an above average affiliate marketer and increase your affiliate sales. Making people first will almost assuredly create satisfied customers, buyers singing your praise, repeat buyers and all because you went that extra mile.
The average affiliate marketer looks at products first; sees what product has the highest commission and then just throws up a page with a bunch of links and tries to get traffic to it. Is it any wonder that they’re not making very much money?
If you’re just throwing links out there and maybe a picture now and then, all you’re trying to do is sell, sell, sell! Do you like it when someone tries to push you into buying something? Are you the type that LOVES to go to a used car lot just to be bullied by a salesman? Probably not!
Or would you rather go into a store where the “salesman” tells you all about a particular item you’re interested in? He gives you a chance to touch it and play with it…to look inside it. He gives you his opinion on the product and tells you novel ways to use it. He tells you stories about other customers that are using the same product and what they’ve found. He tells you the good and the bad about the product and compares it to others. He finds out what you’re planning to do with the product and gives you great tips on how to do just what you want to do. He builds your trust and builds some rapport with you. He’s just talking and educating you, not selling you!
That salesman is doing exactly what YOU need to be doing with your affiliate products. He’s telling, not selling.
Learn to tell not sell and you’ll see a tremendous increase in your affiliate marketing income. Think of times when you, as a customer, were told, not sold
and try to incorporate that style into your affiliate marketing business…you and your affiliate check will be glad you did!

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