Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super-Affiliate write Profit from reviews-Part 5

Dear reader, this is the continuation of the series started. I hope you will take action and receive the best for you!

Super Affiliates Profit From Reviews
You have all this information on the product now what; Just a testimonial? No.
Now that you know your niche and the people in it…you know their problems and how to talk to them…you know what products they’re interested to help them solve their problems…you’ve got the product and tried it out yourself…it’s time to tell your visitors about it.
The most effective way, by far, to do that is to write a good review of the product. A GOOD review isn’t just a line that says, “This is a GREAT product, grab yours while you can!” and add an affiliate link. Everybody does that and

everybody gets just a small percentage of the sales that they could be making if they did it right.
A GOOD review is one that the visitors to your site think is good…it doesn’t matter what you think about it! Make your review of the product as thorough and comprehensive as possible. Don’t be afraid of issuing a 2 or 3 page review of a product…there’s an ulterior motive in there we’ll touch on later in another tip.
Write your review just like you were telling your best friend about the product. Talk to just one person…not everyone in the world…and your writing will sound very personal to your visitors. They want to think that you’re talking to only them about the product.
Make sure you talk about the product in a fair and balanced way. Don’t just rave about it in general terms. Be specific! If the product itself is good, but the instructions are bad, tell your visitors that. If installing the script or putting the product together was difficult, tell them that too. The good, the bad and the ugly!
Make your visitors see the product through your eyes…make them feel what you felt about the product. If you thought it was a good deal, then chances are they will too…and that means a sale for you!
Make sure your review covers the bad points as well as the good. People would much prefer an honest review than sales pitches; it always converts better.
Enhance Your Reviews
At this stage, you will “grow” or enhance your review content with personal recommendations and multi-media to help sell your readers.
Take a look at your original review and find ways to enhance it and add more review comments along with your original ones. This will help people who:

1. Return to your site several times for follow up via your autoresponder messages. Everyone likes fresh content, so they’ll see that you keep adding more.

2. Learn, shop and buy via different senses and methods: i.e. many people learn best by reading text, others enjoy more visuals like digital images, and still others learn through hearing (audio) and movie-type formats (video). So the more content you host, the more visitors you can interest in buying and coming back for more.
3. Can’t decide and want to “think about it” before buying. Your enhanced reviews will help guide them through the closing process, answering any objections they may have along the way.

4. New visitors who find you because your content shows up in the search engines for them! They want to learn more about your affiliate products, but your competitors sure don’t have the info you have. You obviously have more info on the product. You are the authority. So they want to buy from you. Yes!

The main site should have testimonials to kick this content off. Start with those, and then add your own, especially your own story about how you purchased and how you have benefited from the purchase. Add digital photos and a video clip with “before” and “after” results with your purchase. Add an audio file about your experience, too, so that your visitors can download it and listen to it on the road in their MP3 players.
Then follow up after sales… when somebody buys through your link ask your clients for feedback, audio interviews, digital shots of them using the product, etc. Give them a link on your website in exchange for their participation. Make a habit with each sale to ask for this feedback right away; include a message about it in your Thank You message. And don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.
What do you do when you buy something neat? You tell your friends. So ask for their friends’ email addresses so that you can:
a. help your customers share their great news, and;
b. help inform their friends about your product so that they can benefit from its purchase, too.

YES! You can do this as an affiliate.

This personal approach should really assist you to make even more sales!
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