Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super-Affiliate Build relationships-part 3

Dear reader, this post aims to continue the series it started on being a super affiliate. I hope you will enjoy this and take action.

Super Affiliates Build Trusting Relationships
People buy from who they trust. Many of these methods listed here are designed to build trust; from going the extra mile, to buying the product yourself so you can really tell people more about it, to writing a “tell it like it is” review.
Other ways to build trust are:
1. Be available for a little basic product support, especially right after the sale, whenever possible. People often have a fear of abandonment right after purchases, and for just cause. Think back on the number of items you’ve purchase before and how no one responded to your Help Desk tickets, or you were maybe only given a long distance number that rang busy all the time – or not at all (scary!) or maybe the only phone number had voicemail and buttons to keep choosing, leading you nowhere except around an unending loop of automated voices looping you further into menus of useless choices – with no human or other help at all.

And don’t forget about those people who send you to FAQs pages or Help menus that are multi-levels deep to sift through for hours and days on end, never really answering your question that would probably take 2 seconds with a human contact on the phone or via a personal email of about a paragraph, if that much, in length. Even though you may not be “the” support team of the affiliate products you sell, you’ve already confirmed that you have indeed purchased and used the products. So do try to help out a little when possible.
2. If you do get a lot of support-type questions coming your way, start your own help desk and set up your own “Most frequently asked questions…” page and point customers there. Plus contact the seller’s company and let them know all the questions you are getting. In a way, you are a team, selling the product together. So don’t be afraid to work together, too.
3. List your own contact information on your website and in your email and autoresponder messages. Offer means to call, email and write in for help.

Would you buy from somebody who went this far? I know I sure would.
All of the methods discussed here in this report will add to your trust factor. And as the person you are trying to convince to buy from your affiliate link gains more trust in you, your chances of sales success increase.
It is vital to get potential buyers to trust you. So always give quality content and always, always go that extra mile. The more you can get people to trust you, the more your sales will increase, and that’s a fact.
But why go this far?
Before I answer that let me ask you this “Which one of these scenarios would most make you want to buy?”
1. Someone tells you about a great new product they have heard about. They suggest that you give it a try.

2. Someone tells you about something they tried just last week. They share some details – maybe even a tiny detail or two that could have turned into a huge negative issue but was turned into a positive one instead - and how the product really works for them and how they’ve benefited from it already.

Well, of course it would in likelihood be 2. Why? True accounts as personal recommendations, especially those that are more “real,” with emotional hype left out, are a key route to sales success.
Known Fact
People buy from who they trust so always give quality content.

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