Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super-Affiliate write testimonials-Part 4

Dear reader, this is the continuation of the series so read and take action!

Super Affiliates Love To Write Testimonials
Testimonials sell because once again your not just saying, hey look at this new product… now buy it. You putting you into the picture a person they trust and want to hear their opinion.
Creating Your Own Testimonial Story…
Here are some general guidelines to follow when writing out your recommendation:
1. Open - Give details freely. Discuss how you initially learned about the product. What were you looking for and what led you to your purchase?

2. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – What happened once you decided to buy? Make sure to share real facts, not hype. For example, did the order button on the sales page not work, making you almost decide to give up? Or maybe you couldn’t remember where you downloaded the file and felt worried about a tough installation and activation? If so, you could mention these kinds of items, in case they do happen with others and scare them off. Then continue your story and let people know you were glad you hung in there because….(#3 point next.)

3. Detailed Benefits – Give specifics, don’t just say, “This eBook is great!” Tell why. Which chapter did you turn to right away? Without giving away the content inside, how did the eBooks’ information help you – did you earn more money, for instance? Work less? Share some of your ROI (return on investment) so that people can discover how the product can help and get them more excited, closing them in on their purchase.

4. Closing Call to Action – Challenge others reading your testimonial to purchase and try the product themselves with the 30-day Money Back

Guarantee. Let them know they have nothing to lose, etc. Help pre-close the sale.

So I highly recommend that you buy and use the products that you are going to promote as an affiliate. Know exactly how they benefit you. And then share the details with others in a personal manner.
Your personal recommendation - your honest, true-to-life experience with your own purchase and use of the products you are promoting - is a key route to your affiliate sales success.
Recommending products that you have tested and know are good will always increase sales.
Yes it may cost you money in the short term, but in the long term your affiliate sales will increase so that you easily get your initial investment back and quickly move on to profit.
Commonsense Tip
Quality and quantity of product and sales page.
If you want to increase affiliate sales, only recommend products that you have tested and know that are good
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