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Complete guide on how to build a list of paying customers-Part 9

Super Affiliate Applies
When you first realize that 95-99% of the visitors to your website don’t buy anything, that realization can be a little disheartening. You’ve worked hard to get traffic to your site…and not just traffic, but targeted traffic that is interested in your products…and only 5-6 out of 100 buy anything! Here the best way to fix that immediately.
This is where you start to dangle the bait.
If you aren’t doing something to capture the name and email address of your visitors, you’re wasting the time and effort you put into getting them to your site in the first place.
The key to building a good, RESPONSIVE list is to treat the people who are part of it EXACTLY how you would like to be treated. Give them good solid information that is right on target for what they’re looking for. If they are golfers, give them great tips and tricks on how to be a better golfer… give them LOTS of information and then give them your review of a product that you actually think may help them golf better. Earn their trust…treat them right and they’ll come back to you again and again to purchase the things they need and want.
Building a list is vital when it comes to building a solid affiliate marketing business. Learn as much as you can about list building. Figure out how you’re going to incorporate list building into your business.
The old saying in marketing is, “The Money Is in the List”. Build a list the right way and you’ll be taking a HUGE step toward exploding your affiliate marketing income.

Super Affiliates Use Lists And Email To Profit
Every top internet marketers and super affiliate say that the “Money is in the list!” The good news is that most affiliate programs are ready-made for email success. So in order to succeed you need to build your list with a good series of emails and get started on a good list-building system.
More often than not, affiliate programs provide you with catchy emails that are pretty much guaranteed to increase sales. You can just simply copy and paste their messages into your own email and then send them out to your email contacts, substituting your own affiliate link for the original one first, of course. But we both know that is what most affiliates do, the average ones, super affiliates personalize their messages and totally rewrite the owners recommended email so that it doesn’t read anything like the original. Yes use the original as a base and build on it but don’t copy, paste and send.
Now since it is a proven fact that it may take up to seven contacts or more before an Interested Prospect turns into a Committed Buyer, you will want to send out enough follow up emails to help ensure your affiliate sales success. Each message should feature a benefit of the affiliate product you are trying to promote, and towards the end of each message, insert your affiliate link with a small ad, an invitation to buy now.
Write (Or Have Written) A Bait Piece
You may not be familiar with the term “bait piece”, but it’s an important way to REALLY increase your affiliate sales. Here’s what a bait piece is and what it can do for you.
Think of fishing. You dangle a piece of bait… a worm, a lure… in front of a big bass to entice him to take a bite. Inside that worm is a hook and when he bites it, he gets the hook too! In marketing, a bait piece is a high-perceived value item that is specifically targeted to the niche you are working in.
A bait piece is essential to building a list. You HAVE to have a list if you want to make money through affiliate marketing. When you figure that the HUGE

majority of your visitors don’t make a purchase through your affiliate link on their first visit…it just makes sense to have a way to get in contact with them again and again. A good bait piece allows you to do that.
If you’re selling a golfing product, it makes sense to offer an interview with a pro, a download of a great book on putting, a weekly course on how to putt straight…anything that your visitors would perceive as a valuable free gift. You give it to them in exchange for signing up to receive your weekly or monthly newsletter. THAT’S how you have multiple contacts with that visitor!
Search for good resources that you can give away but once again make sure yours is unique, no point in trying to build a list with something that is freely available in hundreds of different places. Write your own or have it written for you. Ask the product owner or affiliate manager if they have any content that you can give to your visitors in order to help sell the product…they usually have something that will help you.
A bait piece and a newsletter signup form is a powerful technique to get your affiliate income going on over-drive…make sure you understand it and start using it!
Important Tip
Suitability – Make sure your affiliate offer fits as close as possible to what your list officially signed up for, or you will notice your conversion will go down substantially, your unsubscribes will increase and you will get some nasty replies.
This is SO key…make sure you’re selling the right product to the right people.
If you don’t have an email list yet, or you have a small one or are looking to grow yours, this section is for you! Here are tips to grow your list.
Sig Files in Email and Forum Posts
You can add a signature (sig) file to every email you send out; to friends, colleagues, business contacts, people who request information or help from you, etc. Look through your email system to learn how to set up your sig file and get it set up ASAP!

Also when you post to forums on the Internet, you can generally include some type of sig file that can automatically attach to each post. Check with each forum to see specific requirements first and see how other people post using their sigs, then set yours up similarly.
Hint: Don’t jump on board and start spamming, posting comments like, “Get my ebook now!” Stay low key at first, read posts for awhile and get a feel for the forum. All forums have their own personalities. Then gradually post, making replies that can help others out who’ve started threads that ask for help. That’s the best way to communicate, starting out with forums.
For sig file ideas, text small ads to see how many subscriber you add to your list like:
John Doe
Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business with
Government Grants. For your free report entitled,
“101 Ways to Get Uncle Sam to Pay YOU!”
Send a blank email to:

- Do remember to check sig lengths and other sig rules for each forum!
- Experiment with your sig sales copy, trying out power words like MONEY, CASH, POWER, SUCCESS, FORTUNE, SEX etc.
- In addition people have a burning desire to learn things so DISCOVER, HOW TO, LEARN, REVEALED and SECRETS are also power words.
- For more help, turn to copywriting books and advertising, sales and marketing text from your local library. There are also hundreds on helpful articles online in article directories, too.

With sig files like this, all of the emails that you send out and all of your forum posts will become like an affiliate sales force for you. Charge ahead!
Affiliate programs offer a viable solution to competing against larger competitors and still make money. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them!

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