Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Super Affiliates use Autoresponders-Part 10

How super affiliates use autoresponder part 10: This post aims to continue the previous one that I earlier started. I will soon be rounding this series up but I hope you really love the series?


 Super Affiliates Use Autoreponders 

To help with handling your email contacts plus regular distribution of your email message series, set up an autoresponder. You will need to set up one autoresponder specifically for each affiliate product that you want to promote and choose a good autoresponder company like with plenty of satisfied clients using their system. 
Message Content Tips: 
Your autoresponder messages are actually mini-sales letters. So if you have no experience in writing or revising sales copy, you may benefit by borrowing some books from your local library on the topic. Creating ad copy is also a form of specialty writing, and you can check out helpful books for improving in this area, too. 
Once your messages are all loaded, create a form for your autoresponder by following the directions and any help tutorials offered by your autoresponder service. Add this form to your website so that you can invite people to sign up. 
Since some people prefer to send an email in to subscribe to autoresponders instead of completing a sign up form, add this method to your website, too, to get the most subscribers you can and build a list. To locate the email address for your autoresponder series, just check with your set up instructions to determine what it is. Once you have it, add it along with simple instructions (to send in a blank email) on top of or below your form so that people can subscribe via email instead of completing the form. 
To increase sign ups, and hence grow your list, there are several areas to focus on for improvements as time permits. You can improve your email messages, your ads, your website sales letter that invites people to sign up via your form and autoresponder email address, your web page appearance; color scheme, theme, header, background, graphics and speed (example: large graphic files could slow page from loading resulting in visitors passing you by). 
Do you think people that have signed up to get a golfing newsletter that contains tips on how to putt better from you would like to read about trips to golfing resorts? Or how about golfing accessories? Of course, they would! 
If you sit down and think about any niche, you can find other, complimentary niches that fit right in with it. If you are truly focused on giving your subscribers  

good content that they’ll read, enjoy and, more importantly, use in their lives, then you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t at least tell them about other things that go along with their hobby/passion/interest. 
You may also want to let everyone, on every list you have, know exactly what other newsletters you publish and maybe give them a neat little bonus for subscribing to any of them that they may be interested in. You’ll’ be surprised how many good subscribers you can pick up this way! They already know and trust you… if you’re doing things right… and are much more likely to buy the new niche products from you than people who have just joined your list. 
Taking a survey of your subscribers is also a great technique to see what other topics they may be interested in. Grab hold of a PHP survey script and set up a quick little survey and send the link to it to all of your subscribers. Give them a good gift for completing the survey and you’ll be surprised at how many responses you get. 
Those survey responses are pure gold! They’ll tell you exactly what other niches you can get into…and get this…these subscribers already know you, have come to trust you and very likely will buy from you! Now that’s a warmed up list! 
Constantly be thinking about how you can best recycle your list and still give your subscribers good valuable content and a good product now and then! It’ll make your affiliate income skyrocket! 

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