Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Affiliate Marketing tactics-Part 13

Super affiliate marketers will do all of what I will be discussing in this blog post. This is a continuation of the Super affiliate marketing series. Enjoy!

Super Affiliates Add Appropriate Unique Bonuses 

There so are many affiliates trying to sell the same product so just how do you stand out from the crowd and sell more? Simple! Use the, “Buy This AND get this…” method. 
Add a bonus that only people who buy the product through your affiliate link get. I have seen many of the top sellers on the Internet use this method to great success. 
So what exactly can you add? 
Well, there is a world of products out there. Just one simple word of advice. Whatever you offer, make sure that it will be of interest to the person who clicks on your affiliate link. For example, give them free access to a teleseminar if you run them, give them a free email course, give them software, give them an eBook that complements what they will buy from your affiliate link… if you offer unique bonuses that compliment your product you will get people buying through your link just to get them. 
If someone has purchased via your affiliate link, send him or her, a personal thank you plus send him or her an extra-unadvertised bonus. A key is to make the bonus items beneficial to both your client and you. For example, create an ebook that is compatible with their purchase made through your affiliate link, maybe a guide on how to make the most out of their purchase. Then brand the ebook with your URL and other contact information, and then include some good  

ads and product images throughout for additional affiliate products to purchase - all with your affiliate links. 
Keep in mind that it is much easier to sell someone after he or she has already made a purchase. So go for backend sales and referrals. Referrals can come from your customer’s distributing your ebook to their friends. 
Other excellent bonuses to offer are audio recordings, videos, ecourses and reports. As with the ebook, make all topics focus on subjects that are compatible to the products and services you are selling. And brand each with your contact information and new ads that carry your affiliate links for more backend sales. 
Here are a few tips on making the most of these bonuses: 
 1. With audio, you can include an affiliate link to a new product and a blurb about it under the audio link that your customer needs to click to run the file, plus in a bonus message with instructions about the free audio. Also mention the affiliate link and brief ad announcement about it in the audio recording itself, and in a follow up email message. 

 2. Your video could feature how to install and begin using the affiliate product the client just purchased in order to get this bonus, for example. Or host a video tour of its features. And similar to how you set up a new affiliate link and ad message in your audio announcements, do so here. 

 3. Set up an ecourse as a series of messages in an autoresponder. Your ecourse can focus on how to get the most out of their purchase plus introduce new affiliate products in sponsor ads, one in each message, for instance. And since some people prefer not to wait for an entire ecourse to arrive via autoresponders, especially with email filtering issues today, offer an option to download the entire ecourse in ebook form – complete with your URL, other contact info and affiliate promotions, of course. 

 4. Bonus reports can offer case studies or interviews of successful people who have purchased the affiliate product packaged with this. Plus they can pre-sell other compatible affiliate products, so insert your affiliate promotions and URL with other contact info here, too. 

You can also invite your customers to share all of these bonuses with others so that you can gain valuable traffic, leads and more sales from the recipients of  

these and their friends, too, as they pass them along down the line; viral marketing in action. When possible, allow those who have purchased from you an opportunity to co-brand the link (like with two-tiered affiliate programs) i.e. insert their own affiliate link within the viral product so that they can earn a percentage of sales generated from their own distribution. You’ll have a sales force all your own out there helping grow your business! 
Just a word of warning for you… The entire package, your affiliate product and your bonuses – need to be compatible with each other. For example, if the main product tells the buyer exactly how to save money by following the steps in their new, “Do it Yourself Car Repair Guide,” potential buyers for this guide are unlikely to consider any additional items added to the package as “value added” items, if you, for example, include software that will allow them to see a visual representation of the solar system on their computer (If they have one!) and an extra eBook giving them ice cream recipes. 
Now if you take that same “Do it Yourself Car Repair Guide” and packages it with a compatible ebook as a bonus, say one that taught readers exactly where to pick up spare parts for their cars at great prices, then they be much more likely to consider that a “value added” bonus. They would want to buy by clicking your affiliate link. 

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