Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Affiliate Marketing Tactics-The Final Part ( 14 )

Dear blog reader,

I have selflessly given you the basis of what makes a great affiliate marketer. This lessons are real and they really work for those that knows its value. Are you going to work at it and give it that drive? It is up to you. I want to hear your comments about the whole series from the beginning to the end! Before that, I bring you the concluding part.


Super Affiliates Take ACTION!

By now, if you’ve read all of these great ways to increase your affiliate sales, you MAY have realized that what you set up… if you’ve implemented these tips… is a system that will work for any niche, any time!
THAT’S the key to having a stable income from affiliate marketing - many streams of income all growing and profiting! That way, if one niche suddenly dies… think buggy whips… your income doesn’t suffer very much since it’s easy to plug another niche into the system, go through the steps and start a replacement income stream.
The secret to this method is knowing when to let a niche just perk along on its own and when to work hard on it. If you leave a niche too early…before you have a good stable cash flow and before you have a list that’s growing on a reliable basis… it will allow that niche to wither away and die.
BUT…on the other hand, you can get caught up in a niche and spend lots of unproductive time in it… tweaking each step even though you see no results is a good example of this. Sure, tweak and test until you see more sales or sign-ups, but not to the point of wasting time that could be better spent developing another niche.

The ideal situation would be to have 20 good, stable, income-producing niches. That way, you can merely check your stats every day and decide to work HARD on one niche that day. At the end of a month, you’ve worked hard on all of your niches and have some time to develop a few more.
If you have a system set up and ready to plug new niches into, you’re far, far ahead of the affiliate marketing field and on your way to being a super-affiliate.
Affiliate marketing is not rocket science! You CAN do it, and do it well… if you have a system and a plan.
Now All You Have To Do Is Just Get To Work And Do It!
All the best for your online success,
Oke Timothy


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