Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Affiliate Marketers use multiple Lists-Part 11

I worte a piece for you in my last post? Yeah! This is the continuation of the series I started. Enjoy!


Super Affiliates Use Multiple Lists 

With Internet email and SPAM laws evolving, it’s important to make sure your affiliate email marketing and list-building campaigns are up to par with online regulations. Concerning your autoresponder set up and email message series, you need to know that top autoresponder companies today strictly forbid the use of their service to be used in unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM campaigns. They have a standard Zero-Tolerance policy against SPAM, be it direct, third party or any affiliate or similar agent acting on the account holder’s behalf. 
What does this mean to you? Basically this: your content that is discussed in each message of your autoresponder series must fit as closely as possible to what your list officially signed up for initially. 
In other words, do offer your subscribers some great tips on gardening if the affiliate product you are promoting is a great lawn renovation product. However, do not turn around and offer your subscribers great cake making tips if the product that you originally promoted to them to get them to sign up via your form was a great lawn renovation product. 
Multiple Lists 
What you can do to that you are not limited to selling only one type of product, is set up more than one autoresponder. Then cross-promoted each list to the other, inviting your subscribers from one list to subscribe to the other list. 
To cross-promote, your message must still focus on the original product the subscriber signed up for via your form. Then at the end of your message, or even in a different place within the main message like towards the top or in the middle, you may include a small advertisement or sponsorship blurb about your other autoresponder series. Simply jot down the main benefit of signing up for the other list and customize it for members on your current list. Then include a link or email address for your other autoresponder at the end of the ad. That is allowed. 
Hot Tip 
Add an affiliate email to your autoresponder to promote another product. It’s quick, easy, forever and it is totally hands free.  

Here is an example: 
** Sponsor** 
Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business with 
Government Grants. For your free report entitled, 
“101 Ways to Get Uncle Sam to Pay YOU!” 
Send a blank email to: 
Keep in mind that it still will take many people at least seven times to read your ad before they decide to reply in a positive manner; i.e. sign up for your other list. So have patience and remember to sprinkle your ad in each message of the autoresponder series for maximum list-building potential. And note that not everyone will want to sign up for cross-promotions, and that’s fine, too. 
Increasing Conversion Tip 
Work HARD on your sales copy, to make more sales with the same traffic get better copy… in both your emails to your list and the sales page… if you can, rewrite the sales page and split test it. If you can’t write sales copy, consider having a pro tweak it for you. 

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