Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Affiliates think outside the box-Part 12

This is a followup to the series that I am writing on. I hope you will really enjoy this and make good use of it. Enjoy!

Super Affiliates Think Outside The Box

If you want to increase your affiliate sales then take a different approach then every other affiliate is taking. Think of a new idea for the product you are promoting.

Let’s use an example here. Say the product you are promoting is all about weight loss. Maybe the original affiliate sales letter hasn’t concentrated enough on the health angle. Seize on this opportunity, focus on the health angle in your own sales letter and autoresponder messages, and you can increase your affiliate sales.
Or how about this example: Maybe they are concentrating on selling the weight loss product to mainly males and have not spotted the fact that the product is equally good for both males and females. So you jump on this idea and run with it in your promotions.
Here are many ways to create new ideas for your affiliate product promotions:
a. Check current trends and tie a recent theme in with your campaign. An example: MP3 players are popular with business people on the road, so you can promote how you can download your audio product and listen to it while driving back and forth to work.

b. Look into gender-related issues. Example: even if the product is for women, let men know they should buy it for their ladies for Mother’s Day, birthdays, to help make up after fights, for Christmas and other holidays, as a Thank You gift, etc. Give them reasons to buy!

c. Go through magazines and newspapers around your home and office for more ideas. Example: a local newspaper with these sections could spark the following ideas: Travel (how can vacationers and traveling business people benefit), Health (look into the health angle), Business (how can this benefit home-based business people), etc.
d. Brainstorm – sit quietly with pencil and paper and re-read your sales letter. What comes to mind? Jot any and all ideas down.

e. Comparisons – compare apples to oranges and let people know the bottom line: why they should buy.

f. Do the math – Add mathematical statistics to your sales copy. Show ROI (return on investment) in testimonials. Add up the savings. Add up the benefits versus costs.

Get help – head to the Small Business Administration at: and S.C.O.R.E. at: , an affiliate of theirs with retired business people who offer free email help.

Your bottom line is this:
Once you come up with a marketing angle along these sort of lines, targeting a new audience for the product, then you have just taken a major step towards increasing your affiliate sales.
Remember this it’s important… make sure you’re promoting the right product to the right people. With the right bonuses.

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